Best Note Taking Strategies

Best Note Taking Strategies

When you think about best note taking strategies think “speed”, think “focus” and think “on your feet”. When we say “think speed” we refer to taking lots of notes but we also understand that you have to write fast. Shorthand was invented so people could write huge amounts of content in short form. It’s not really used as much as it was decades ago but it is simply fascinating how fast people who are trained in shorthand could write.


The problem with writing fast usually comes at the end when you read back your notes and notice nothing makes sense! That’s because we are so busy making sure we make notes, rather than taking more time on listening and focusing on writing only relevant notes. If you did not manage to take notes and now have to spend hours in the library – ask our writers to write a research paper for you!

It might be a good idea to practice writing notes on a TV program you enjoy. Practice writing bullet points or writing your own form of shorthand. Use abbreviations, for example, and the next day you will see if you actually understand what you have written. If you don’t understand it you at least know before you go into a class setting that you need to improve.

 When it comes to finding out what are the best note taking strategies think about how you write texts. This is a modern day short form after all and whilst your mom and dad and the older generation might not be able to comprehend what the heck you are saying, you should be able to.

All those short forms you use from LOL and OMG all stand for three words that people now cut down to three letters. A good idea is to go through your regularly used textbooks (no pun intended) and highlight or note some of the most commonly used words and make up your own short form so when it comes to note taking you have already come prepared.


Come to think of it, if you know a PA (personal assistant) or EA (executive assistant) ask them a few questions on how they take notes. These professionals’ lives depend on taking not only fast notes but also accurate notes. Their MD’s or CEO’s reputation is closely related to how well their PA can communicate not only with their own organization but other organizations.

Assistants will tell you like taking minutes, for successful note taking you need speed it and masses of concentration. You have to be “in the zone” from start to finish and hang off every word that is being said so you can effectively communicate that to the group once the meeting has finished. In these board room meetings actions are also noted and you don’t want to forget who needs to do what when you are writing up your notes! So for best note-taking strategies it does take speed but it also takes incredible focus and concentration, but once you get “in the zone” your productivity will accelerate to a whole new level.

Visit to find out what are the best note taking strategies. We have programmed our minds and our hands to work swiftly to get immediate and effective results. Students study for years to get the high grades they desire and without having clever, trustworthy note taking strategies from the beginning will be a barrier to success. Learn from the experts so you can become one too.

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