Abortion Hurts

Abortion is the process of ending a pregnancy through the removal of the embryo or fetus before it can survive outside of the uterus while miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion.  People consider abortion to be a controversial matter.  There are those who oppose abortion and those who support it. But 2 min. Click to read

250 Word Essay: First Impressions

First impressions are crucial. Typically, we form an impression of people within the first few seconds of meeting them, which is why we rely on a good first impression to make an impact. It applies whether you are a student, a business or a professional. Indeed, this 250-word essay relies 2 min. Click to read

Argumentative Essay Example: Is Animal Testing Necessary?

What Is an Argumentative Essay? An argumentative essay is an essay which involves a set of completely developed arguments to support a thesis statement that takes a solid stance on a specific issue.  ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY OUTLINE If you are looking for argumentative essay examples here is a great one below. Read and 2 min. Click to read

Cover Letter Writing Services

What Is a Cover Letter?  A cover letter is a copy of the page that summarizes your career qualification and experience that should be part of a job application. The only unique is when an advertised job application says ‘do not include a cover letter.  A cover letter explains the 2 min. Click to read