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Publishing a book which gets bad reviews or worse – don’t sell, is really disheartening. If you deliver poorly edited content, this will have terrible consequences on your grades. It is okay for your friends and peers to flatter you and promise you that your work looks good. However, you need a professional set of eyes not afraid to use as much red ink as they find necessary. That is exactly what you need to perfect your manuscript. Unfortunately, most writers feel that because they can write, they can also check and edit their work. They prefer to proofread and edit the content themselves. However, they fail to understand that as an author, you cannot objectively edit your own work. By the time you’re done writing the manuscript, you have read it so many times; so often that you read what you mean to say, rather than what is actually on paper.

Therefore, it is imperative that you hire a company to proofread and edit your content since it plays a large part in determining whether or not your book reaches its full potential. Hiring a service that is good at its job has its advantages. They go beyond the common tasks of proofreading the content, identifying grammatical errors, typos, and misspellings, and editing it.

Even though these are important as well, a great editor is much more than merely the human spellcheck version. Other than editing typos and grammar, he/she should offer recommendations for plot development and character, as well as identify inconsistencies or weaknesses within your text. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get value for the money spent on such a service.  Different companies offer different packages depending on what you’re looking for. While some offer basic grammar checks, others offer fine-tooth analysis.

Finding the perfect reliable company to proofread and edit your text might not be easy.  Most services lack the expertise necessary to deliver a well-presented masterpiece. Therefore, as a student, it is important that you perform extensive research before figuring out what service is perfect for you. With our book editing services, you have nothing to worry about. We have hired an insanely talented team of book editors. They have decades of experience; therefore, they can trim the meat from fat, and separate the skin from the flesh.  They also have the right techniques and tools for each precision cut and the exact anatomical expertise of non-fiction and fiction writing. We assist both non-fiction and fiction writers polish their manuscript, and publish books which both your professors and readers will love.  If you need book editing help from the professionals, look no further. Call us now and let us help you!

Why We Are the Best Book Editing Service

Why rely on a run of the mill company when you can get the best? Our company relies on the assistance of the best professionals. We have been in the game for five years now. Enough time to master the game. Our book editors are calculated, ruthless, confident, and experienced. We always make sure to scrutinize our candidates extensively. They must at least have an MA in Literature and two years of editing experience full time. However, we give candidates a shot if they have edited at least ten books, and can provide us with references from satisfied clients. Alternatively, they can be professional authors themselves who’ve published a couple of books. Even after hiring the best book editors, they are still required to compete for the job. They need to send our clients a customized trial edit- only the best can survive this. This technique separates the wheat from the chaff since only the absolute best get the job.

Additionally, we have a simplified ordering process. All you’re required to do is email us a sample of the content.  From there, our eagle-eyed, caffeine-fueled, book editors will check it and then email you their suggestions and comments. We are available 24/7 to assist you with your books editing needs. Our book editor will assist you with grammatical errors, typos, word choice and spelling issues, style and punctuation, clarity, flow, craft, and sentence structure.  Also, we only hire editors who are Native English speakers. All our book editors are either U.S. or U.K. native English speakers with the professional and academic qualifications required to work with us. Additionally, our editors can handle content across many disciplines. Our all-star team of professional editors has experience in all genres from Spiritual and Religion, Fantasy and Romance, Sci-Fi, and many more. In addition, our editor will check your content through an anti-plagiarism software referred to as Turnitin. We know that schools have a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarized content. Therefore, you could land in trouble for handing in a plagiarized book. That is why our editors guarantee customized content.

Guarantees You Enjoy with Our Book Editor Services

Most services have no guarantees put in place for their clientele. We put your needs. First, that is why we provide you the following guarantees if you choose our proofreading and editing service:

  • Affordable and Unbeatable Rates

Compared to other services, our editing and proofreading rates are quite affordable. While we may not be the cheapest, with our company, you get value for your money.  Plus, there are no set up fees or minimums. Clients pay to depend on the document’s page count. Spending your buck on us is a guarantee that our editor will deliver the best.

  • Fast Speeds and Delivery on Time

Failing to deliver your content on time will really affect your grades. We understand this, which is our editor will check your document, and have the edited manuscript ready in 3-5 days. Other services will take up to three weeks to hand over your edited book.

  • Quality Guarantee

We are more than a basic proofreading and editing company. Your content is edited by seasoned professionals who know the rules of the game. They have liaised with bestselling writers in every genre. Therefore, you will get a fully edited manuscript that has additional suggestions and notes.

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