How to Write a Case Study

What is a Case Study?

Case studies are distinguished from a lot of other academic studies based on the fact that they pertain to specific situations rather than broad analytical surveys. In some cases, researchers will conduct case studies on individuals, which is common in medical and psychological research. In other cases, researchers will follow a group as part of their case studies, which is common in sociological research as well as psychological and medical research.

Case studies yield qualitative data in most cases as opposed to quantitative data. In almost all cases, researchers are evaluating the way the subject of the case study changes within the experimental period. While many analytical surveys focus on brief instances of time, case studies are often longitudinal studies.

Where is a Case Study Used?

Case studies are used in many instances. Researchers who specifically study people tend to use case studies at some point, so people will see case studies in the fields of medicine, psychology, sociology, political science, and educational research. Fields that are interdisciplinary in practice, such as environmental research, will often use case studies. There are many fields in which running controlled experiments will prove challenging, such as fields involving people or societies. These are the fields where people will tend to see a lot of case studies.

Case studies are often used for illustrative purposes. Researchers are trying to provide evidence for a more overarching thesis, and they will use their case studies in the process. Case studies can be used to demonstrate different principles used in particular fields. However, more broadly, case studies have a way of compartmentalizing broad fields of research, allowing people to study them more easily.

Case Study Structure

5 Stages of Case Study Writing

Case Study Writing Tips

  • Finding information about a case study online can help the people who are trying to work on writing out their case studies.
  • Reading a case study online can help.
  • Many case studies follow a format that is relatively standard, and people should be able to pick it up to a certain extent.
  • Make sure that you are able to get a sense of how you did it and what you learned as a result.

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