College Application Essay: A Step-by-Step Writing Instruction

What Is a College Application Essay?

A college application essay is a subtype of a reflective essay. It is similar to reflective essays because it requires its author (i.e. the applicant) to tell the application committee about himself or  herself, describe his or her inner world, tell how a significant person or an event has impacted him or her to contributed to his growth as a personality – and do it all within 500 words or less.

Many colleges require you to write an essay when you apply to get into a course. You may need to do this when you leave high school, as part of your application to attend a particular university or college, or you may be studying in the relevant field and need to apply to get into a specialized course. For example, nurses often have to select which courses they would like to study, and their applications have to be accompanied by a written motivation. Some bursary offices also require a written essay if you are applying for funding for your studies.

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What and How to Write a College Application Essay

A lot depends on the quality of these kinds of essays. You need to be able to convince the college personnel that you really are serious about this field of study. To do so, it is usually a good idea to mention your background and the reason you are interested in this field. If you need to do any research to support your statements, do so. For example, you might want to quote some statistics about the level of crime in the community, the number of student nurses who specialize in the field which interests you, the number of cases of a certain illness per year, and so on.

You will also need to show that you are motivated to work hard and that you have the self-discipline to get through the course you are applying for. You may be competing with a lot of other students, so try to say something about yourself which will make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way. Show where you would be an asset to the school, the community, and future employers.

College Application Essay Format

The usual format for application essays is 250 to 500 words. Check whether the college has given you any guidelines, and stick to them. You might want to do some Internet research and look for sample college admission essays to imitate.

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