A college essay is an essay written by a high school graduate as part of their college or university application.

There are four types of college essays: 1)personal statement 2)essay about the applicant's favourite activity 3)essay about reasons of applying to this very school 4)essay about something that intellectually captivates the applicant

What is a College Essay?

A college essay is an essay written by a high school graduate as part of their college or university application. In addition to academic qualifications and extra-curricular achievements, college essays have an effect in deciding if a college application gets accepted or rejected by a college’s admission board. A college essay is an attempt by the college administration to find out something about an applicant that may not be clearly revealed through his/her other documents.

College Essay Outline

A college essay outline is a plan that assists the applicant to organize the information that will be included in the essay. The outlining of a college essay is the stage where the essay gains its structure. After receiving the topic to write about, an outline should be written after that.The outline reduces the chance that the writer will go off topic. An outline should list the main ideas that a writer would like to include in the college essay. These main ideas are what will make up the paragraphs of the essay.

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During this stage, elimination of unnecessary points is done. Research about the topic should be carried after the writer has a clear enough picture of what to write.The essay’s thesis statement should also be formulated when the writer formulates an outline for his/her work. Creating an essay outline is one of the critical stages of college essay writing. By planning, one takes less time and will likely perform fewer mistakes.

College Essay Format

The most common college essay format is the five-paragraph essay. In this format, the first paragraph is the introduction. The first paragraph should contain the essay’s thesis statement and provide a brief overview of the work to follow.

The following three paragraphs are the essay’s main body. They include the essay’s message. Points are typically arranged regarding strength and importance from the second to the fourth paragraph respectively. The fifth paragraph is the conclusion.

The conclusion contains the writer’s opinion and is a summary of the entire essay. In some cases, particularly when the essay is a non-narrative essay, special instructions may be presented to the college applicant. Such formatting may include font, spacing, aligning, indentation and heading placement. In such cases, the college applicant should write the essay in the way that is advised.

College Essay Topics and Ideas

When searching for college essay topics and ideas, the typical discussion essay is ill-advised. The reason for the above is that the members of the college admission board need to know more about the writer’s character and less of his/her intellectual capacity which can easily be known from other academic documents. 

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The topic has to be intriguing and personal. The essay should display one or many qualities about the applicant that are not so easily knowable. Essays about one’s life experience are most likely to accomplish the above task. An event or time in the writer’s life where a significant occurrence taught him/her a valuable lesson is a good idea. Writing an essay about something the college applicant is passionate about is another way of ensuring he/she writes a captivating essay. A personal story about how the writer faced failure could show more character about the applicant than any story of triumph ever would.

College Essay Prompts

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Remember, brevity is the soul of wit, writing an honest essay is the key and mind the proper use of language, fluidity and structure.

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