College Essay Topics: Top Stunning College Essay Ideas For Your Essay

Best 15 college essay topics and ideas for your essay will definitely help you enter the college of your dream.

What is a College Essay?

A college essay is an essay written by a high school graduate as part of their college or university application. In addition to academic qualifications and extra-curricular achievements, college essays have an effect in deciding if a college application gets accepted or rejected by a college’s admission board. A college essay is an attempt by the college administration to find out something about an applicant that may not be clearly revealed through his/her other documents.

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What should you write about to get into college? Carol Barash, one of the admission officers, tells that three things she appreciates most in applicants’ essays are:

  • unique perspective
  • strong writing
  • authentic voice

When writing your college essay keep in mind that it tells a story that scores and grades cannot tell, so you have a great opportunity to show who you are.

College Essay Prompts

Be concise. Though there is no upper limit for the quantity of words, take into account that every admission officer has a huge pile of essays to read. Your essay should hold attention not take time.

Be honest. Of course, you may choose any topic, nobody will ever know that you’re describing an experience which you never actually had, but remember that it is always easier to tell the truth than to invent lies.

Be accurate. Spellcheck and grammar check go without saying. Make sure that your paper has a catchy introduction and a clear conclusion, the style of narration is appropriate and the text is to the topic.  It would be helpful if you asked somebody, who is skilled in writing, to proofread and edit your essay.

Be cautious in your use of humor.

Be smart. College is an intellectual place to try to convince the board that you are the right person for them.

The only rule to follow when choosing a topic for your college essay is to choose the topic you are eager to write about.

Top 15 College Essay Ideas

1 Some people have a unique, unusual or interesting background, family, and life experience. If you are one of such students, feel free to share your life story or describe the world you came from.
2 The lessons we learn from our failures are of vital importance for our future success. If you have such a success story, it would be great to tell it! Focus on the benefits you took out from the failure you made.
3 Reflect on a time when you changed your belief or stereotype. What or who forced you to act in a different way? What was the result of that change?
4 Dwell on one of the ethical problems. Suggest your own solution for the chosen problem. What would you like to change or what law would you like to pass? For example, you can speak about the interaction between totally different cultures within one society.
5 Describe the process of your transition from the childhood to the adulthood. Tell about the challenges you faced and difficulties you’ve overcome.
6 Imagine yourself to be a member of the Nobel Prize Board. Write about the person you think should be awarded with this prize. Explain your choice.
7 If you could change just one event in World History, which one would you choose and why?
8 Try to change your lifestyle for a month and describe your experience. You may try getting up at 4 a.m., being vegetarian etc.
9 If you have volunteering experience don’t forget to mention it!
10 Share your traveling experience.
11 What would you describe to be your unique trait or a special skill allowing you to stand out of the crowd?
12 Make a list of 100 things you want to do before entering college or a To-Do list to become a better person. Share the results of this “experiment”.
13 If you had a chance to have a 1-hour conversation with any person (dead or alive) whom would you ask for a dinner and why? Make up a list of questions you would like to ask.
14 If you could go back in time and talk to yourself what would you say? How would it help you in the future?
15 Share the best piece of advice that has been ever given to you. Why is it so important?

Remember, that there’s no “right” or “winning” topic, everything depends on your skills in writing and narrating. Be sincere, mind your language and try to make your story alive. You should make the reader (the college admission officer in this case) experience real emotions while reading your essay – that is the key to success.

If you are interested in how to write a college essay by yourself, read the article below.


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