The Purpose of Dissertation Writing

A dissertation, also known as the doctoral thesis, is required at the culmination of your doctoral study. After completing the necessary coursework and passing a comprehensive exam, the dissertation is the final project to be completed before completing your doctoral degree. The purpose of your dissertation is to contribute a new idea or theory to your field of specialization while displaying critical thought and the ability to conduct research.

A Ph.D. dissertation is commonly believed to be a comprehensive compendium of the graduate’s original research. However, a dissertation is generally comprised of a number of different chapters that exhibit the width of the margins of a theory or proposal. The purpose of the dissertation is not to thoroughly exhaust the subject matter, but rather to display critical thought and analysis of research. is here to give you peace of mind and help you manage your time wisely. Because of the amount of time and effort required in the proper preparation of a dissertation, ordering a custom dissertation may be highly beneficial. It is important to note that while you cannot order an entire dissertation, you can order parts of it. Tedious and time-consuming work, such as the outlining of resources, can be quickly and easily handled by a professional writer.

The essence of the dissertation lies in its ability to critically convey research and concepts. A Ph.D. dissertation should exhibit the graduate’s original ideas and make a significant contribution to his or her field of study. The dissertation also shows that its author has the necessary ability to properly and effectively conduct research in their field. Each statement outlined in the dissertation should be logically and scientifically sound, and the graduate should be able to make a logical defense for his or her assertions.

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Organizing Your Materials

The utilization of a physical filing system is an essential aspect to constructing your dissertation. Organizing a collection of folders will enable you to work efficiently in an uncluttered space. Each chapter of your dissertation should be assigned a folder. The files in each folder will contain pages of calculations and plots of results that are directly related to your research. Also included in these files will be old notes, reference materials, calibration curves, specifications, speculations, suppliers’ contact information and correspondences with colleagues. Any information that is relevant or helpful to your research will be stored in the appropriate folder for easy referencing.

How to Write a Dissertation

While the dissertation structure may vary, depending on where you are conducting your research and your subject matter, a typical dissertation structure is as follows:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
    1. Introduce a problem statement
    2. Introduce the structure of the dissertation
    3. State the contributions to your work
  3. Background
    1. Provide context for the purpose and goal of your research
    2. Specify your motivation in conducting your research
    3. The problem statement and motivation will provide the lens through which your work will be judged as theory, scientific method, engineering, philosophy, etc.
  4. Related Work
    1. Survey of related work
    2. A critical assessment of rival works
    3. How it corresponds to your research
  5. Analysis, intention and interpretation of the results of your research
    1. A critical assessment of your own work
    2. State your hypothesis
    3. Demonstrate its accuracy, attention to detail, contribution and relationship with its closest rival
  6. Further Work
  7. Summary Conclusions
  8. Restate Your Contribution
  9. Appendix
  10. Bibliography

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Maintain Contact throughout the Writing Process

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