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Essay about Mother

I could probably write a book on my mother. She is by far one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met and had the pleasure of knowing, loving and trusting. She’s been my lifeline since I was born, my support system and my best friend. I love her so much. My mother has lived the rags to riches story. But it never just came to her: She worked hard for it and made a good life for herself starting from an early age.

My mother was born in a house surrounded by tobacco fields, a farm and much of her extended family in the poor South – in North Carolina in the United States. She and her siblings walked miles every day to school. Each graduated from high school with a diploma, but she was the only one to ever dream of college – and she went to UNC-Chapel Hill, one of the best schools in the South. She would major in business and marketing, which turned out to be a very fortunate and wise decision. Mom landed a job just after graduating close to the top of her class.

From there, Mom got a nice job in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington. She was hired to be a copywriter for an advertising firm. She began to write scripts for commercials, both TV and radio, helping her clients advertise their product or service. She took her marketing knowledge, her brilliant creativity and her gift of writing and solidified a fabulous career. Around this time she grew more and more interested in writing scripts. A wonderful writer since she could put pen to paper, Mom spent much of her waking hours scribbling or typing away. She wrote skits, scenes and stories in her free time. She went on to do both for years, all while getting promoted higher and higher up in the advertising firm she had worked for since college.

Then, one day, she got her big break. She had become fairly successful in advertising, of course, but it was in writing scripts where things seemed to come together for her. One particular winter, a year or two before I was born, she worked long and hard on a “spec” script for one of her favorite TV sitcoms, The Golden Girls. She mailed it to a person she knew from advertising, who was an agent for TV writers. It worked; the creators of the show loved her writing, her ideas and her knowledge of the show. So they invited her out to Burbank, California, paying for her flight and hotel. Things worked out in her favor, she came to see before long.

By the time the show had contacted her, it had become quite popular and financially successful. The network executives offered her a job in the writer’s room coming up with ideas for scenes and episodes each week for the next two seasons. By this time she was earning a good living with the advertising firm and living a very good, carefree life. Things made sense. But deep down she ready for a change. She was in her upper 30s by this time. And she secretly hated the politics of a big company, and seeing the same people day in and day out.

What she really wanted to do was write scripts from the West Coast. The network offered her three times the amount she was making at the firm, plus plenty of other perks. She took the job, and she moved from Virginia to California, just her and my father. (They divorced just a few years after I was born, and I never got to know my father.)

For the next 17 years, Mom wrote scripts – for The Golden Girls and several other shows on a freelance basis. But her biggest accomplishment, she says, was writing the script for her first film a few years ago. It is finally going to be made into a movie next year. I’m so proud of her for everything she has accomplished. She is a real inspiration, and I hope I can come close to her in what I accomplish in life, too.

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