Five Reasons to Get a Masters Degree

Any educated person knows a Master’s degree is worth their time; however, many may have different ideas about why exactly there is a benefit to getting one.

What matters is, it’s truly a no-brainer: if a Bachelor’s degree opens doors, a Master’s degree keeps them and others open.

Depending on an individual’s academic and career goals, of course, they may not need a Master’s degree, which is usually earned in about four semesters of post-graduate (of course, after getting a bachelor’s degree at a four-year collegiate institution) studies and research.

Five Reasons to Get a Masters Degree

1. Gain More Credibility or Expertise in a Certain Subject or Topic

A person who graduates from college with a bachelor’s degree becomes an educated novice on a broad subject or topic; with a Master’s degree, they are basically considered an expertise on a narrower or more specific subject or topic. This means they literally become a master at the subject they have been studying, researching and exploring. Whether in Chemistry, Religion, Writing, IT or Financing, a Master’s degree most certainly translates to the working world, as well as to academic professional groups and circles, perhaps where one is to be considered an expert in the field they have studied and earned their Master’s.

2. Increase Likelihood of One’s Employment, As Well As Sustaining One’s Employment

The American job market is quite rough – and it’s even hard for those with a four-year degree from a good college to penetrate. There are only a certain number of jobs, so not every college graduate will find themselves with a job that suits their major and their skill level. Getting a Master’s degree directly after college can provide a student who has a bachelor’s degree time to prepare for, maybe, a very competitive job field. They ultimately become more eligible for certain jobs. Also, a person with a Master’s degree in the appropriate field most always wins a job over someone without one, if the two have about the same work experience.

Having a Master’s degree also helps one keep their job, considering the degree to which their studies and research are relevant to their job. It shows their employer they are taking appropriate steps to effectively improve and advance their career. An employer may be more reluctant to fire an employee with a Master’s degree; it means that person is not only intelligent, they are capable of learning new things, developing new skills, critical thinking and problem-solving. It shows they are diligent and can follow through on fulfilling certain goals. It shows they are motivated and aim high and think BIG.

3. Career Advancement/Career Change

Also, a Master’s degree can enhance one’s career. If a person finds themselves with work experience in a field they truly love and excel in, a Master’s degree in this field should not only help them keep them their job but should generally provide a boost and bring forth their career advancement. An increase in pay, too, is very likely.

And, then, if someone has experience in a field that pertains to their major but they don’t enjoy their job, or if they are finding that job mobility at the place of work has become stagnant, they could get a Master’s degree in some other field in which they seek employment. Doing so will ultimately help them land a job in this field.

4. More School Time Means Less Time in the “Real World.”

While some are aching to get their foot in the working world, others … well, plenty others are surely not ready for the “Real World.” But it’s in no way a bad thing to feel this way. Everyone has a different journey and find their way at a different pace. This ultimately translates to time that can be used to develop and cultivate personal and intellectual growth. It can be time to really explore the ins and outs of the field they are pursuing or the course of study they have chosen for their Master’s. It can be a time of productive self-exploration and of intense research on an interesting subject one is passionate about. The “Real World” is a serious place, with lots of educated and intelligent competition. So, other than with experience, people can always get ahead on this competition by furthering their education.

5. A Deferment (or Postponement) From Paying Student Loans

Many American and Canadian students, perhaps even British students, are sadly in debt from the amount of money they owe in student loans. College tuition in these places is often terribly expensive. But there are ways to get around this obstacle – even if the student is not born into a family of wealth, even modest wealth: In these countries, those who cannot pay their way for college can rely on banks to loan them the sufficient money to pay their tuition. But, of course, there is a downside to this: About six months after they have graduated with their degree, these students find themselves riddled with debt – debt that is constantly accruing interest. And they have to pay back that debt. This debt is incredibly expensive each month. The payments are quite high. Those who find themselves in a meager job market may even be unemployed and cannot make these payments. So they find themselves with bad credit and much debt – debt that is not paying off for them at the moment.

Then there is the graduate school option: most times, when a student begins graduate school for a Master’s degree, any student loans they have taken out will generally be put on “deferment,” which means they won’t have to paid back until the student graduates.

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