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Growing up an only child in a big house, I often felt very lonely. Friends were an essential part of my life – as they are today. But one friend, in particular, has stood the test of time: my best friend since we were 14 years old. Now, 10 years later, we are like brothers – probably even closer than some brothers. We have differences, our own lives, but we have a friendship that transcends the best.

I was a small, timid, wimpy kid in the middle school; when most of other boys had hit puberty, I was the runt of the litter. No one noticed me much. Sure I was picked on a little, like many other kids, but I wasn’t too bad. I knew at a young age that kids, especially adolescent ones, are ruthless and mean to one another. All those hormones and pent-up sexual frustrations get the best of them. My eighth-grade year of school, I started growing some. I started getting better looking and taller than a lot of other boys. Girls were starting to take notice. I started getting popular.

One day while my gym class was outside taking a job across the grounds, I lagged behind, focused more on talking to the cute girls than finishing the mile in less than 10 minutes. At one point, in a part of the trail where it was dark with trees, I remember being tripped up by another kid in the class, Mark Ross, with an acne-ridden face and a big belly. He was the same height as me, but much thicker. He told the girls to go ahead, that he wanted to talk to me as I lay on the ground. The teacher was nowhere in sight. I grew scared. Mark had stayed behind so he could get me alone and hurt me. He didn’t like that I had grown so popular. “I don’t like you,” he said. “You make me want to kick in your pretty face so the girls won’t like you anymore.”

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He pushed me up against the fence, and when I fell to the ground, he started kicking me in the stomach and face. I started bleeding and yelling. No one was there to help me. Mark wouldn’t stop no matter how bad I cried. I thought he wanted to kill me, but now I see he wanted to only take out his aggression on me. It went on for minutes, the kicking and punching. I felt like passing out from the pain.

Then I looked up to the sky, me still on the ground, to see someone take Mark and throw him to the ground, then getting on top of him and punching him in the jaw, immediately knocking him out. It was Kevin Jones who did this; he was in my gym class, too, an athlete and star athlete who never got into trouble or hurt anyone. But he just reacted to seeing me getting hurt by Mark, the bully – a person inflicting violence on a weaker person.

Once he came to, Mark Ross ran off to find the rest of the class. But Kevin stayed with me and helped me up. “Let’s go to the clinic. You look pretty rough.” I thanked him, and he walked with me back to the school building. He stayed with me and told his story about finding Mark beating me up. Kevin ended up getting suspended for punching Mark, but Mark got charges against him and eventually was put in a juvenile detention center where he was held until he was 16.

Since that day, Kevin has become my best friend in the entire world. I respect him like no other person. He is still a star athlete, at his college in Maryland, and we talk at least once a week in some way or another. One day, when I get married, he will be my best man – and the same reciprocates to him. I am thankful for a friend like him, a person who is not afraid to stand up to others, a person who is never afraid to do the right thing, a hero of sorts.

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