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Sample Essay about Writing

Writing can be a lot of fun to do, especially if it is done creatively. But it is certainly not for everyone. For many people, writing – choosing words to form sentences that make up thoughts and paragraphs – is literally their idea of hell. It is very tedious, it is a lot of work, but to those who love it, it is the most fun they can have by themselves.

Writing may go back to the cavemen drawing symbols on the walls of their caves, though that can be seen more as art. But this illustrates that people have tried to make meaning out of symbols; this is essentially what writing serves to accomplish.

Kids are taught from a very young age to write in school because it is a skill one has to learn in order to one day earn a living – to become a productive, responsible member of society. But some people make careers from writing alone. For one, journalists and reporters write articles in newspapers, magazines, blogs and newsletters. The more celebrated kinds of writers are authors, novelists and the like who publish books on various subjects. What they write can make a lot of money via book sales, and they’re people who are celebrated for their thoughts, storytelling prowess or their take on social issues, history, sports, etc.

Other writers include copywriters, who write the words in advertisements and commercials. They are “wordsmiths” who specialize in marketing and sales and business. They have an understanding of how to relate to the buying public, the everyday people who purchase products, goods and services. And of course, they are needed because they an affinity for words.

Other writers include screenwriters and TV show writers, people who specialize in writing scripts – fictional stories that entertain, educate and elevate people. An individual or group of individuals creates these scripts, and actors perform them. The same goes for playwrights who produce plays to be then performed live by actors in a theater. Scriptwriters are known to be some of the best-paid writers in the American culture.

Writers are a special kind of people, considering how writing is their idea of a great time – because most people dread writing, once again. But writers live to write. It completes them. Stories and words and ideas are what drive them. And it also what pays the bills, which is crucial for survival in modern-day culture

Writers aren’t just people who write; they write because they have to write. It is something they are compelled to do. They have to do it. It is not up to them. They think about it, make it a priority, and they live for it.

Even though it is not everyone’s idea of an enjoyable activity, it’s still a skill that most people have developed because they use it in their jobs and careers, so it is also a marketable skill to have. And it also helps people deal with their thoughts and problems, concerns and worries. Writing about oneself – like journaling – has been proven to aid people in their spiritual and emotional lives.

In America, it seems that quite a few people want to be writers – and some actually get rich doing it. But not everyone can do this: Not everyone has the drive, the inclination or even the talent to be a professional writer. And to be honest, too many people have no idea they are not writers. They do not have the ability to objectively assess the likelihood of them becoming a professional writer.

But there is good news: a person can always improve their writing by doing it more and more – and more and more. A person can’t get worse at writing by doing it. The more it is done, the better one’s writing gets. Writers all over the world live by this notion.

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