Geography is both a human science and a natural science, as it is divided into two broad categories, namely human geography and physical geography.

Geography in the UK and Abroad

Geography in the UK is an important subject, far more so than in the USA. This goes back to the days when the Royal Geographical Society sent explorers to the South Pole and elsewhere. For this reason, UK students who need help with their geography assignments will need a UK-based writer who has a thorough knowledge of the field. You need look no further than for this expert assistance.

Geography was recognized as a foundation subject in the national curriculum for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in the 1980s, which shows its importance as a means for educating students about the environment and their place within it. All students in Years (Grade) 1 to 9 are obliged to take geography, and after that, they may take it to GCSE and A-level if they want.

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About 60% of students choose to continue with this popular subject to GCSE level, although the coursework and field work are quite demanding. Sometimes students are required to go out into the field to collect data and then write about it. Students may need help with the written side of their work, and that is where comes in.

However, we don’t stop there. Even if you are a post-graduate geography student requiring help with a dissertation, your project will be given to one of our expert writers who are qualified to carry out research and to write at this advanced level.

What Is Geography?

Geography is both a human science and a natural science, as it is divided into two broad categories, namely human geography and physical geography. Physical geography studies things such as the atmosphere, plant and animal life, rocks, mountain formations, glaciers, soil, oceans, erosion, weather patterns, coastal areas, rivers and water, and mapping of ground and oceans. Human geography is concerned with things like economics, transportation and shipping routes, the development of cities and urban sprawl, religion and culture, tourism, infrastructures, geopolitics, human populations and demographics, and timelines.

Of great interest in current times is environmental geography, which studies the effect of pollution on the natural environment, global warming, deforestation, glacier melt, ecological sustainability, ecological footprints, disaster management, and so on. Environmental geography falls in between human and physical geography since it studies the effect which humans have on the natural world and the interaction between the two.

Because of the enormous scope of the field of geography, individual topics are not listed here. Suffice to say that’s geography writers are capable of researching and writing on any given topic, at any academic level. Works are meticulously referenced and will provide a model answer which can be used in any way you wish, for example, to prepare for an exam, to clarify your understanding, or to guide your own research. We pride ourselves on being the UK’s premier custom writing service and offer a guarantee of the quality of our products. All papers from are written in UK English unless otherwise specified.

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