How To Succeed in Law School

Here are some tips to succeed in law school. Read what are the ways to ease your studying in a law school.

What is Special About Law School?

Law school has a notorious reputation for having one of the most academically challenging programs. Even students who excelled as undergrads may be unaccustomed to the immense amount of reading required, and they may be intimidated by the way grades are determined, including having an entire class grade based on one exam. Learning how to manage the work and to network with fellow students can help students make their way through it and be successful.

Study Throughout the Semester

Most law school courses base grades on one thing, the final exam. The grade students make on the exam is the grade they will get for the whole class, and most law school final exams can take up to four hours to complete. There are some exceptions, but this is a very common model for law school courses. Therefore, it is important that students study the material throughout the semester. The Princeton Review notes that the amount of material the various exams cover is so vast and so complex that students cannot expect to cram for the exam and be successful. Students must develop a study plan that includes weekly or even nightly reviews, read all of the assigned material, and take practice exams.

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Make Every Class Count

Law professors may cover material in their lectures that is not covered in textbooks or case books. By attending class and participating in discussions, students can get their questions answered about any of the material they read but did not understand. Find Law recommends that students take their own notes and make their own outlines from them, rather than buying outlines. Though the material covered may be similar to what’s covered in the same courses at other universities, each class is different. It is important that students pay careful attention to the material presented by the professor, who will ultimately be writing the exam that students take. Find Law also recommends that students are selective in note taking. Not every answer given in class will be right. Students should wait to hear the final word from their professors and to write down the most important information.

Put Special Emphasis on the First Year

Many lawyers and law school professors argue that the first year of law school is the most important. “U.S. News & World Report” says that the grades students earn in their first year can determine their success through law school and in their career. Law firms hire their summer associates at the beginning of their second year. Students with the best grades will have the best summer job opportunities, as well as the best chance at being picked for participation in their law school’s journals or its moot court. Rather than making their adjustment through their first year of law school, U.S. News & World Report recommends that students do anything they can before they start law school to familiarize themselves with the course material for their 1L classes, such as reading some of the textbook or the cases they will study.


Law school is considered the beginning of a lawyer’s career. Networking is just as important in law school as it will be later. Attorney Randall Ryder told that it is important for students to network with classmates and professors while they are still in law school, not only to help them succeed in law school but also to expand their career opportunities later. Forming a study group with classmates can help students learn the material more efficiently, which can help them perform better in class. Participating in extracurricular activities like student groups and journals can expand a student’s network, which can help to learn about opportunities for independent study, student competitions, or other activities that will help them succeed in law school and to build a stronger resume.

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