How to Write a Classification Essay

A classification essay is a type of essays where a student organizes the information into useful categories.

Classification Essay: What Is It?

If you are looking to write a classification essay, you need to know where to start to make sure you are doing it right. With classification essays, your job is to sort or organize things into various categories.


Essentially, there are three distinct steps to remember when it comes to crafting one of these essays. You have to organize your information into useful categories. Apply a single organizing principle to your essay. Provide concrete examples of things that are going to fit into all of your categories.

How to Write a Classification Essay?

Writing a classification essay takes preparation and planning. You can expect to prewrite your essay at least once. Since you have to create categories for this essay, you need to spend time prewriting and grouping your items together to determine what categories are going to make the most sense for your particular purpose intended. You have to be able to see the different ways that you can group things and not be stuck trying to focus on just one way. This is why you need to prewrite your essay to make sure you have everything in place.

Your essay should include the use of transitions or signal words, such as can be divided into, several kinds of or is categorized by. By using these phrases, you are letting your reader know what your intentions are. It also helps to sort things out and keep them organized.

Classification Essay Structure

Every good classification essay starts with a solid introductory paragraph. This is where you should identify your subject or the group that you are classifying. If you have already narrowed down your subject, you want to define this right from the beginning. Provide descriptive details to help attract readers and define the whole purpose of your essay. Make sure you have a thesis sentence that identifies the main approach you are going to examine.

Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence identifying a specific approach. The paragraph then goes on to describe what each type entails. Paragraphs should be arranged in such a manner as to make sure everything flows clearly and logically. Start with the least effective approach and work your way up to the most effective one. Your paragraphs should match what you promised in your thesis. Actually, you may use a five-paragraph essay structure. 

Your essay should be summed up with a concluding paragraph. This is where you want to tie everything together from the approaches you examined. Summarize everything together and offer a final comment on the matter. You can also recommend one approach over the rest. Make sure the conclusion emphasizes what the whole purpose of your classification was, to begin with.

Classification essay structure including an introduction, main body and a conclusion

Classification Essay Writing Dos and Don’ts

  • Determine what your categories are going to be first. Don’t leave any critical categories out.
  • You don’t want an incomplete essay. However, you also don’t want to include too many categories either or it is going to end up blurring your whole essay.
  • Classify using a single principle. Once you decide on what categories to use, you need to make sure they fall under the main organizing principle.
  • Your main organizing principle is what you use to sort all of your groups.
  • Don’t allow different principles to pop-up when you least expect them to.
  • Support each category equally with examples.
  • Write the same number of examples for every category.
  • Reserve your most important category for last. Elaborate on it more than your other categories.

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