Applying to a college? Need a college essay? Here is all you need to know about writing a college essay.

What is a College Essay?

A college essay is a written composition of moderate length about the writer who in most cases is a college applicant. Most selective colleges require applicants to put down a college essay as part of their application. College essays take a substantial amount of work or effort from the applicants and may seem like a burden, but it is indeed a privilege to them. It is an opportunity of a kind that can make a huge difference during decision time.

As much as admission committees put most weight on test scores and high school grades and receive numerous applications from worthy students, they use letters of recommendation, essays, and extracurricular activities to admit the select few who differ from other candidates with similar grades and scores. A college essay usually reveals something important about the writer that test scores and grades cannot and that is your personality. The essay gives the admission committee a sense of who you are beside showcasing your writing skills. If a student can’t choose a topic for a college essay, ideas provided in the article below will help to make up his mind. 

Here is a list of topics for good college essays:


Developing the skills to craft a proper essay takes much practice and patience. Writing an essay will become much easier as you progress with your academic journey and build your confidence with effective tools and strategies for excellent essay writing.

College Essay Outline

Developing a college essay outline helps you organize ideas to tell a story. It involves three parts: the introduction, supporting facts, and a conclusion. Here is a list of the components of an outline:

College Essay Outline

Stages of College Essay Writing

A college essay is a way to truly individualize your college application. A college essay occurs involves the following three stages:

Stage 1: Topic storming

This is where you have to research on what to write by trying to remember your life experiences, passions or quirks. Consulting your friends, parents, or perhaps your diary is advisable. Your essay should be unique and more of innovation than an invention.

Stage 2: Writing

The style in which you write your essay should clearly be your own. A unique style to you should have an individual voice that displays your personality. Use everything at your disposal from your dictionaries and spell checker to your teachers. Construct your sentences well and look up a vocabulary before using it and be concise. It is also important to avoid being sarcastic and stay away from clichés. Choose a topic that will allow you to be honest and don’t highlight your negative qualities. 

Stage 3: Editing

Check your essay, rewrite it and look again then hand it over to multiple people of different perspectives for editing. However, don’t let their voices overwhelm yours. The number of your editors should not be too few or too many.

More about college application essay:


College Essay Tips

You will need the following tips to become a prolific writer:

Start by brainstorming. Identifying your strengths by brainstorming about your personality traits is a good place to begin.

Script your first draft. Create an outline to organize your essay after gathering your notes then write your first draft. Let your ideas flow and put your thoughts down on paper without worrying about perfection because you will improve your writing in later drafts.

Develop 3 main essay parts (introduction, body, and conclusion). The introduction should include a single paragraph introducing your essay. The essay’s body should consist of several paragraphs that flow explaining the main idea. The conclusion part should have a paragraph summarizing the essay and ending it.

Be precise and creative. Assume a specific angle of writing that will give your essay a high point of focus that is related to your personal qualities and support that particular viewpoint. Being creative by convincing the admission committee you deserve a chance is wise.

Be as honest as you can. Do not be tempted to lie about anything the essay question asks.

Collect opinions. Show the draft to your family and friends so as to get feedback from them and know whether you are on track or not. If not, make the necessary changes so that the essay is your own voice and sounds like you.

Make corrections after proofreading. Read the essay carefully as you check for spellings, typos, and grammar errors to fix.

If you are looking for the sample college essays, here is one to read:


Why It’s Better To Find a College Essay Writing Service

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