How to Write a Persuasive Essay: a Simple Guideline

The aim of a persuasive essay is to convince a reader about your belief. Read how to write persuasively. Dos and Don’ts of persuasive essay writing will help write your essay effortlessly.

Persuasive Essay Writing

The art of writing an effective persuasive essay is one of the most useful skills you can develop in your academic tool set. The ability to convince your audience using words is a skill with widespread implications on communication and persuasion in other parts of life.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

Most persuasive essays are driven by research, as the presentation of key data and statistics. Unlike essays based on personal experiences and development, a persuasive essay is analytical and more based on the information.

Persuasive essays are some of the most difficult to execute, which is why many writers opt to rely on a persuasive essay writing service where they can buy persuasive essay from seasoned writers that know how to use persuasive methods effectively. In case you feel like writing alone, read one of the good persuasive essay examples written by the professional writer:

Persuasive Essay Example: Money Cannot Buy Happiness

Persuasive Essay Outline

To build a persuasive essay that achieves the goal of creating effective arguments, you’ll first need to compile an outline. Generally, this consists of writing the essay’s skeleton so that you can refer back and stay on course regarding the essay’s structure and format. An outline should contain:

A main point/thesis statement: Your main statement should be set well before you begin work on the final draft of a persuasive essay. To be most effective, the essay must be written with this statement or opinion in mind at all times to stay on track.

Main contentions: These are the key arguments that you hope will persuade the audience when writing a persuasive essay. Before the process of writing begins, it helps to include the backbone of the key argumentative details in the outline.

By hiring a persuasive essay writing service, you get help crafting your persuasive writing that can prove extremely valuable to your future works. When you buy persuasive essay from experts in the field, you get the opportunity to workshop ideas and see multiple drafts that help clarify your arguments.

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Persuasive Essay Format

A standard persuasive essay should generally follow the 5-paragraph format:


This should be a single paragraph that firmly delivers the thesis statement so the audience is completely sure what the claim you’re making is that the rest of the essay is supporting. Introduce the key evidence and the process that will be used to ‘prove’ your claim.

Body Paragraphs

In most persuasive essays, the body paragraphs are separated by the contentions on which they focus. Generally, for each new body paragraph, there should be a distinct statement that supports the claim made in the introduction. If the paper is evidence-heavy, it may be easier to start each body paragraph with the introduction of a new piece of evidence.

The body of the essay is the most flexible. While the standard 5-paragraph model suggests only 3 body paragraphs, the body can be as long as needs to be to fit a words/pages requirement and to effectively argue your claim.


The essay’s conclusion should restate the thesis, and how the main claim was established by the evidence, without simply restating the introduction. Look back on key details established in the body portion of the essay, and offer a final summary of the persuasive process.

Persuasive Essay Topics and Ideas

Many persuasive essays are written on current issues in the public arena because it’s easiest to take a position on the issues that are hot in the public eye. Here are some ideas to get you started writing a persuasive piece:

  • A contentious law or piece of legislation
  • A social issue, such as human rights, or social justice
  • Causes of a specific historical event or process

These are just jumping off points, as a persuasive essay can be written featuring any subject about which a solid set of contentious can arise. Remember that when you order a persuasive essay from a professional persuasive essay writing service, you can workshop ideas until you find the one that fits your essay.

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Dos and Don’ts of Persuasive Essay Writing

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