Helpful Tips for Students on How to Write a Philosophy Essay

Before writing a philosophy paper, it is essential to understand the objective of the task to write an outstanding paper that meets all the requirements. This is achieved by thoroughly examining the instructions as well as the essay question. However, there is more that needs to be done to present an outstanding argument. This article provides guidelines that prove to be useful when writing a philosophy essay.

What Is a Philosophy Essay and What Does It Entail?

A philosophy essay is a common type of academic papers for students who pursue a course in philosophy. This essay involves presenting a certain point supported with justification. This means that your essay should rationally persuade the reader to accept your view. In other words, it is a piece that justifies or refutes certain concept in philosophy.

Do You Know How to Start a Philosophy Essay?

When writing this type of an essay, you’d better start by having a clear question you intend to answer or the idea you want to defend. Start your essay by giving information about the thesis avoiding wordiness. Be precise so that the reader can know what to expect from the rest of the essay. Also, preferably in the first two paragraphs of your essay mention how you are going to answer the question at hand.

Guidelines on How to Write a Good Philosophy Essay

Here are some guidelines on how to improve the quality of your philosophy essay.

Answer the Question Asked

You need to stick to the main objective. Avoid swaying from the question since you risk losing the reader’s interest.

Read Widely

Read before you start the essay and take note of all the useful points, arguments, and ideas that would help you develop better arguments for your essay.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Consider your audience when working on the paper. Use understandable language avoiding too difficult terms. The thing is that complicated words can distract the readers, who are likely to take breaks to find the meaning of the words, thus reducing the readability of the text. In other words, try to express your thoughts and ideas in simple words that will let your readers understand you.

Be Organized

Having all the information is simply not enough in such an essay. You should also arrange your ideas properly to have proper flow. This can be achieved by having an outline.

Avoid Being Neutral

A student may decide to be neutral when it comes to some stances of the topic to avoid being too provocative. This is not an option, so take a stand and support it thoroughly. You are likely to convince the readers if you argue your points well.

Do Not Mention Things That You Cannot Support

A common mistake that students do is to insert certain facts that they cannot support. As a result, their argument becomes weak.

Do Not Use Lengthy Quotations

Do not rely heavily on paraphrases and quotations. Limit direct quotations to the cases in which it is critical to establish other authors’ exact words. Your ideas are what the reader is interested in. Therefore, try as much as possible to keep paraphrases to a minimum.

Give Credit to Other Writers’ Works

When paraphrasing or quoting, provide citations. This helps to avoid plagiarism. Besides, providing citations helps to showcase that you are aware of relevant literature on the topic.

Reasons to Use a Philosophy Essay Outline

The outline presents a rough sketch of all the information you are going to have in your essay. It should be the foundation of your essay. An outline guides you on how the ideas and arguments should appear in your paper. Therefore, it is crucial to create an outline of your essay before you start. It also serves to keep you on track with the main objective of your essay.

Create a Solid Philosophy Essay Structure

There are three major sectors of the essay you need to consider when developing a structure for philosophy essays. They include introduction, body, and conclusion. These should dictate how you proceed with your paper. When it comes to the structure of philosophical essays you can:

  • Start with a clear thesis statement so that the reader can know what your paper aims to achieve. Be sure to get straight to the point at the beginning of your
  • Explain any technical terms that would be used in your You need to explain any unclear terms in your discussion to provide a clear understanding to your readers.
  • Briefly break down how you are going to defend your
  • Back up your Use supporting evidence to make the arguments stronger. Evidence may include examples or verifiable facts.
  • Anticipate and address the objections to your Present some negating views from other authors and address them. This makes it compelling to the reader.
  • Conclude by summarizing the main points.


Provide a Compelling Philosophy Essay Introduction

The introduction serves to familiarize the reader with the content of the essay. Here you are supposed to give the main objectives of the essay. It is important to go directly to the point to avoid giving unnecessary information.

How to Deal with a Philosophy Essay Body

The body comes after the introduction. It should support your thesis statement. It should also follow the path created by the introduction. The body of the essay needs to present a smooth flow of the argument. In particular, each paragraph connects to its previous effortlessly and logically. This can be achieved by using transition words. Each paragraph should be developed to deal with one idea or one argument only, to present your findings well and for the reader to comprehend the essay easily.

How to Write a Decent Philosophy Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is the easiest part of writing this kind of essay. It should be a summary of all your arguments and counter-arguments. Another important thing to note about the conclusion is that it should give the reader closure and show clearly where the writer stands on the matter.

Additional Philosophy Essay Tips for Crafting Your Essay

Here are some extra tips to further improve the quality of your essay:

  • Have a clear stance and be confident in supporting it.
  • Use a calm and rational tone in your essay to yield better results.
  • Use the correct formatting style. Pay attention if the paper needs to be written in APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago style.
  • List the sources you used to write the paper on the reference list. The references should be arranged
  • Proofread your work to correct typing errors or remove unnecessary information.

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