How to Write an Argumentative Essay

The important step to crafting an effective argumentative essay is to form a detailed outline. This entails creating the backbone of the essay before you even begin to form the final product.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of essay which involves a set of completely developed arguments to support a thesis statement that takes a solid stance on a specific issue. Usually, arguments are thoroughly researched and supported by evidence that gives emphasis to the central stance.

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Argumentative Essay Example on Doublethink

Argumentative Essay Outline

The important first step to crafting an effective argumentative essay is to form a detailed outline. This entails creating the backbone of the essay before you even begin to form the final product. The most important components of an argumentative essay outline are as follows:

  • Thesis Statement: This is the central focus of your essay, the claim you make that you’ll spend the entire essay explaining and fortifying with arguments and evidence. Having this idea firmly cemented as you develop your key arguments is important to the strength of your overall argument.
  • Arguments and Responses: The supporting evidence present in an argumentative essay is the content that supports the entire backbone of the essay. The key to creating well-developed arguments is to develop a claim, and then consider the way a critic of the argument would respond to the claim. This method allows you to see your arguments from more than one angle and fortify your argument.

An outline allows the writer to refer back to a resource to remain on track as they develop the drafts of their argumentative essay. A professional argumentative essay writing surface can assist with the planning stages of the essay as well, allowing you to craft the perfect outline.

Argumentative essay outline is usually structured according to the five-paragraph essay with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.


This portion of your essay should contain a clear statement presenting to the reader what the main claim of the essay is. The importance of clear presentation of the thesis allows the reader to go through the ensuing arguments with the main claim clearly in mind.


Depending on the length and topic of the paper, the body paragraphs can take many different forms. A standard body is three paragraphs, each outlining and developing a different argument, however, different essays may use the body paragraphs differently. An evidence-based paper may use each body paragraph to present a new piece of evidence, while an argumentative essay that puts more stock in considering critical viewpoints may develop the same argument over the course of a few paragraphs.


This paragraph will restate the main claim and summarize how this central thesis was supported throughout the body. An excellent conclusion reiterates the main assumptions of the paper’s thesis without simply restating information.

Argumentative Essay Topics and Ideas:

The typical argumentative essay topics are on subjects where you can take a concrete stance on an issue that can be seen in different ways. This includes:

  • Political issues or legislation
  • Hot-button issues in the public eye
  • The causes of a historical or literary event
  • Moral, ethical or legal issues that spark debate


Generally, anything that can be used to take a stance and form an opinion on can serve as an adequate topic on which to develop an argumentative essay.

Dos and Don’ts of Argumentative Essays


  • Do take time to research supporting evidence and verifying the strength of an argument before focusing on it in your paper’s body.
  • Do consider the counterarguments associated with your main claim’s reasons.
  • Do write multiple drafts and take the steps to edit and proofread thoroughly.


  • Don’t write aimlessly; refer to your outline as you go through the writing process.
  • Don’t purposely use weak arguments as an easy way out; they won’t persuade your reader.
  • Don’t lose track of your main idea. A common mistake for writers to make when developing argumentative essays is losing their reader’s concentration.

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