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Many high-school students dread their mathematics homework and assignments. A lot of people develop a type of mental block which makes it impossible to focus on the mathematics task itself. In severe cases, this anxiety gives you a completely blank mind and a racing heart beat. A lot of students avoid taking maths courses because of this sort of thing, but in truth, math is no harder than any other subject. It just uses a different part of the brain.

To develop the mathematical ability, you just have to stay relaxed, carefully follow the problem in front of you, and develop greater confidence. It’s like anything else: the more you practice, the better you become. Go over your notes again and again until you understand them. Pay attention in class and ask questions if you don’t understand something. The more you avoid a task, the less you can master it and the more anxious you will feel. Try to ignore those around you who have a negative attitude about maths.

While high-school level mathematics may not seem a very important subject, a good attitude and ability when it comes to maths will prove to be essential in many other fields of study later in life. Even in the humanities and social science, statistics are used, and maths is a part of statistics. And maths is used for routine things like household budgeting and money management. Try not to see mathematics as an enemy! It is simply a useful skill that can be learned, like anything else.


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