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Our experienced team of IT professionals helps to ensure uninterrupted work of www.essaymasters.co.uk. From its foundation in 2005, company’s focus has been on site speed, stability and security – and we remain committed to these high standards. Right now we own and operate a total of 26 servers in four different data-centres that are located all over the world. Furthermore, we invest considerable funds in strengthening technical side of our business. These steps guarantee uninterrupted work of all our websites, including www.essaymasters.co.uk. 

Our website is hosted on a server that is located in a high-security data-centre in Phoenix, Arizona. Web server is also protected by a corporate firewall, adding an additional layer of security to all our customers. In addition to this there are also access control measures: only one person has access to our secure servers; neither developers nor our staff can access them. All our servers are protected in a locked room that can be accessed only by an authorized technician after passing an IRIS-scan and showing his/her badge.

Such extra security steps are expensive – they cost us just about as much as renting a dedicated server – yet we believe they are worth it because we have always considered data safety our top priority. Whenever we say ‘your information is safe with us’, we really mean it. We are taking specific steps to back up this claim. In addition to that, the fact that servers are physically located in the United States allows us to physically access them. In contrast, most other companies claim to be US based are unable to do so because they are physically located elsewhere. As a result they can only rent a server and reserve an IP address within the US pool of IP addresses.

Our IT team is constantly working to improve website performance and your customer experience. We are always working on implementing latest technology, revising the code, increasing file transfer speed, increase data protection and so on. As a result, of all these measures our website loads and functions very quickly. We are constantly working on keeping our data up to date, which means you can always find fresh information about our website, most recent articles on essay writing as well as other useful tools like our free APA referencing machine. We are extremely proud of what we do and hope you enjoy your customer experience with us.

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