Our Staff

Our team is a group of individuals centered around one single goal: 100% customer satisfaction. There are several departments within our company and all of them are experts in what they do. Here is a brief description of each of these units:


Our company is owned and headed by John Geisler, a person who has been in the academic assistance and research for over 10 years. He combines his managerial talent with his profound knowledge of cutting edge technology and is constantly seeking ways of bringing innovation to the business as well as enhancing customer experience with the company. He also coordinates work of all the company departments.

Technical & Maintenance Staff

There are currently 20+ in-house IT professionals who make sure our system runs smoothly and without any interruptions. There are experts who work on maintaining databases, there are people responsible for hosting, website design, usability functions, – and all of them work as one to ensure you enjoy your experience with us.

Customer Support

Customer support team is the department we are proud of. It consists of dedicated professionals with 3+ years of experience on average, who are working 24/7 to make sure all customers receive outstanding service. They are available on chat, phone or email, and are working non-stop to provide assistance or respond to your inquiries. It’s them who coordinate work with customers as well as writers; it’s them who make sure all orders are completed and emailed to customers in time; it’s them who liaise with writers and keep customers updated on the writing processes. Whenever you have a question or need assistance please let them know via email, chat or phone and they will provide you best service possible!

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