Persuasive Essay Outline: Short Steps to Structure Your Essay

Here is an overview of a persuasive essay outline. You’ll find common persuasive essay outline template and example to use when structuring your essay.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a paper that seeks to convince a reader of a certain point of view taken by the writer of the essay. It is a structured writing that persuades the reader to take your side and lean towards your point of view on a controversial subject or topic that has a split opinion.

It is designed to be a paper that lets your share your views and opinion while convincing the reader that your idea or conviction is the right one to adopt on the matter.

Writing a persuasive essay can be challenging as it requires one to take a controversial topic, form an opinion on the subject and deliver an engaging and convincing perspective.

The crucial part in writing a persuasive essay rests with your ability to convince since unlike argumentative essays, persuading a reader is not based on facts and evidence alone.

Strong opinion and appeal play a fundamental role in persuading the reader which is why students prefer to order persuasive essays online from professional writers who have an understanding on how to convince an audience.

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How to Outline a Persuasive Essay

Creating the outline for a persuasive essay is an achievable task when you have a systematic approach. A readily structured outline is usually available when you buy persuasive essays but creating one serves the purpose of understanding your topic better and internalizing your talking points.


The introduction of a persuasive essay should capture the gist of the topic while allowing the reader to have an open mind which is a set up to the process of being convinced of your own perspective.

The introduction should clearly depict the importance of the topic and strategically expose the controversy surrounding the subject. It should have a hook in the first sentence that will envision the contention and effectively define the audience by giving the reader an opportunity to roll back the thought process and have an open mind.

In your introduction, you have to provide a thesis statement that will distinguish the topic and set up an angle of opinion and this is where you have to be objective in giving your point of view and stating your opinion.


The body of a persuasive essay is made up of the convincing notions that are supposed to give a reader the full insight of the topic. It should be structured with arguments in favor of your point of view and the reasons as to why the opinion you are trying to form should be considered as the bottom line for the topic. Every argument or reason presented in the body should be accompanied by a fact or a quote that justifies it as the correct point of view.

Professionals in the online writing service are well versed in structuring the reasons and supporting facts to put forward a convincing perspective which the reader must adopt.

When concluding the body of a persuasive essay, you have to address the counterarguments that have been made concerning the topic and why the perspectives shown by the same are not effective in explaining the subject matter.


The conclusion of a persuasive essay should be able to effectively answer the “so what” question that most readers develop after being taken through facts, figures and explanations. It should, therefore, restate the point of view you had chosen at the beginning of the essay and briefly highlight the main arguments that have supported the opinion.

Persuasive Essay Outline Template

A persuasive essay should be structured to take this format:


  • Hook sentence
  • Controversy and relevance of the topic
  • Define the reader
  • Thesis statement

First Body Paragraph

First Reason

I. First quote, fact or example supporting

II. Second quote, fact or example supporting

Second Body Paragraph

Second Reason

I. First quote, fact or example supporting

II. Second quote, fact or example supporting

Third Body Paragraph

Third Reason

I. First quote, fact or example supporting

II. Second quote, fact or example supporting


  • Restate view and brief summary of topic
  • Outline benefit to the audience
  • Call to action

Persuasive Essay Outline Example


Is euthanasia really a mercy killing? Many consider it an act as cruel as murder but should any being be forced to endure unbearable pain just to stay alive? Mercy is all about relieving pain and facilitating comfort and it is what we humans are wired to have a soft spot for. This paper attempts to establish Euthanasia as merciful as it is painless and relieves the pain or stigma of an incurable disease.


I. Euthanasia is painless

  1. It is a pain-free approved medical procedure
  2. The body of a patient is relieved from painful rigors that are a product of the defense system

II. It is medically approved

  1. It is recommended by doctors
  2. Done under strict supervision

III. It is merciful

  1. It alleviates pain and suffering
  2. It limits stigma involved with incurable diseases

IV. It takes a life

  1. One may argue that it amounts to taking a life


Euthanasia is merciful as it is a painless way of relieving the pain and suffering of people with incurable diseases or irreversible commas. As much as some believe it amounts to taking a life, euthanasia aids to ease the pain of a friend or a loved one. Understanding what euthanasia is and the role it serves will ensure we embrace it as a merciful way of dealing with irreversible commas and incurable diseases.

Why Is It Better to Hire a Professional Writer for Your Persuasive Essay?

When you target an online essay writing company, you have a professional writer to structure your essay and formulate a persuasive paper that will convince the reader of your point of view. Furthermore, a professional writer has the capacity to source for information and effectively cite the same to give a compelling point of view that a reader will agree with.

As it is not the amount of evidence or facts tabled that determines the level of persuasion, a professional writer is exactly what you need to structure your claim and state the opinion in a way that will eliminate doubt as to your perspective being the best. Place your order and get a high-quality persuasive essay.

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