The study of philosophy in the UK covers a broad range of theories and topics. Our writers in this field have the relevant qualifications and are familiar with UK philosophy curricula, and can write to any level from high school and college all the way through to post-graduate university level. Even if you are not majoring in philosophy, there are many other fields of study that require a secondary knowledge of philosophy. For example, medicine draws on philosophy when it examines medical ethics, and philosophy also features in psychology, literature, politics, military, religious study, and even applied business principles.

Philosophy is considered an important subject in developing critical thinking skills. In addition, it is deeply bound up with history and culture, and modern philosophers will need to understand the era and milieu of great thinkers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. All of these classical thinkers developed ideas which still influence us today. A later philosopher whose work still exerts a strong influence is Descartes of the 17th century. Cartesian “dualism” (the idea of a split between mind and body) is today a widely debated point in medicine, psychology, metaphysics, and even astronomy.

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Some of the main topics which are examined in philosophy include:

  • Ethics and morals
  • The nature of knowledge (epistemology)
  • Art and beauty
  • Existential issues
  • Reason and rationalism
  • The nature of consciousness
  • Empiricism
  • Human rights
  • Language and reality
  • The meaning of existence (ontology)
  • Mathematical logic
  • Medieval Muslim, Jewish and Christian philosophers
  • Renaissance philosophers
  • Eastern philosophy
  • Scientific methods

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