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How Are the Scores for the Plagiarism Counted?

Scores for the plagiarism check at our writing service do not generally fall below about 3%, and any score that is below 15% is a reliable indication that there is no plagiarism in the paper and that a quality writing service has been provided. If you need a plagiarism free essay or a research paper – click here!

Scores between 15% and 20% indicate that in all likelihood the writer has made extensive use of quotes which match the wording in the original sources. If these quotes are correctly referenced, this is not plagiarism. Please see ‘Referencing’ to find out more about the correct way of quoting and referencing other people’s works.

Scores above 30% indicate that the writing service has not been duly provided, as the paper is most likely to contain plagiarism, and in such cases we will investigate the paper and if necessary it will be re-written. There are a few exceptions, however, such as when you give the writer a model paper and ask him or her to write to the same format. The two papers may show up in the plagiarism checker as being largely the same, especially if you have mentioned by name your university, course, lecturer, and so on. Another possibility when a paper yields a high plagiarism score is that the writer has dealt with a question-and-answer format, and has reproduced all of the questions in their original wording, with the answers given below. The plagiarism checking software will match the questions on your original sheet with those which the writer has reproduced, and will reflect a high plagiarism score.

In other words, the software does not have human intelligence and cannot draw these kinds of distinctions. If there is a logical explanation for a high score, it will be given to you. In those very rare instances where a high score alerts both the customer and staff to an instance of possible plagiarism, strict measures will be taken to investigate and call the writer to account. You can rest assured that our guarantee will protect you in such instances — and also rest assured that they are almost unheard of here at Order your paper here!

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