A research paper is an expanded essay that integrates one’s own interpretation of a subject using several to prove a question or hypothesis.

Research Paper Definition

A research paper is a project that every college student at some point will have to write. A research paper is an orderly and focused process by which to assess a situation or position. It basically is an expanded essay that integrates one’s own interpretation of a subject using several to prove a question or hypothesis. 

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The research paper can be a fun exercise if the chosen topic is one that the writer has an interest in. It builds upon what you know about the subject already, along with what experts in the field know as well. It surveys knowledge to find the best information possible to support one’s position.

Research Paper Outline

In order to present your argument and defend your thesis, the research paper must adhere to a basic structure. The following summarizes the minimum requirements:


The introduction is a general statement about the topic that is the focus of the paper. Its main purpose is to capture interest about the topic to make them want to continue reading. The introduction contains the main arguments the paper is exploring, as well as the thesis statement, which is what you are trying to prove in the paper, and should be the overriding concept around which all your research will focus.


The main body of the research paper will contain a number of topic areas and include the following:

Literature review. This section of your research paper will explore existing research and information about the topic at hand. The review simply is an overview of what has been done already.

Methodology. This is where you will summarize the manner by which you went about your own research as well as the process used to explore the thesis.

Results. After you have done your research, this is the section where you discuss your results of that research.

Discussion. This part of the paper is where you analyze the results of your research and extrapolate a set of implications that your research has upon the body of research that was identified in the literature review section cited earlier.


This section of your research paper is a general statement about the research topic as well as your final thoughts about your thesis. The conclusion will provide a complete and thorough summary of the main points used to prove the thesis.

How to Write a Research Paper

There are some essential steps in the development of a successful research paper. If the following adhere to you should have a winning paper and get the best grade possible.

STEP 1. Choose a Topic

Choose a topic that interests you and that you feel passionate about. Doing so will certainly shine through in your paper and will make it all the more enjoyable to read and write. This first step is the most important step in your research paper process. In addition to your interest and passion for a topic, there are other things to consider such as the uniqueness of the topic and whether there is sufficient research available on your chosen subject. You don’t want to write about something that everyone else is writing about and you want to make sure there is enough information to pull from to write an effective paper. If you find that the initial topic isn’t going to work, don’t be afraid to change the topic or tweak it to make it even better than the original idea you had.

STEP 2. Find Information

One of the keys to a successful research paper is the degree by which research is done on the topic in order to gather as much information as possible to create your outline and begin to write the first draft. There are a number of research sources, to begin with including websites, professional journals, books, encyclopedias and interviews with people in the field of expertise you are writing about.

STEP 3. Make a Tentative Outline

Once you have compiled sufficient research information, organizing it all is of utmost importance by annotating the data, organizing your notes, developing a preliminary bibliographical listing of your sources. With the outline of the paper completed, you can then determine what the goal of the paper will be. Will it be an argumentative one where you are trying to prove a point or an analytical paper where you are providing a fresh perspective on an already existing idea?

At this point, you should be able to develop your thesis which is simply a 1 or 2 sentences stating what exactly you will be trying to prove.

STEP 4. Write

Once you have all your data sources in place and the thesis developed, it is time to write the first draft. Writing the draft will generally follow the outline developed prior to beginning. As you write your draft, there may be some revisions needed in the outline. After reviewing the first draft and making sure all your points have been discussed and argued fully, it will be time for the final draft.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

The key to any successful research paper is to have a solid conclusion that wraps up everything stated in the main body of the paper.

1. The first step is to restate the topic, usually with a single sentence.

2. Second, the thesis should also be repeated and simply be rephrased somewhat from that provided at the beginning of the paper.

3. Third, the main points of the paper should be briefly summarized. It is generally a good idea to simply rephrase the main topic sentences from the main body of the paper that introduced the points to be discussed.

4. Fourth, in some papers, there may be a need for a call to action, but not necessarily essential to the conclusion. A call to action might be necessary if the topic dealt with a health issue and there was a need to research the issue further.

5. Fifth, instead of simply summarizing the information contained in the paper, it is a good idea to link the concepts together. That provides the reader with some sense that the writer puts some comprehensive thought into its writing.

6. Sixth, it is important to bring things full circle. Whatever question was raised in the introduction should be restated in the conclusion but with an answer provided.

7. Seventh, end the conclusion with some degree of logic. You want to formulate a logical opinion based on the evidence provided in the paper.

Research Paper Writing Tips

In addition to the above, there are some generally accepted writing tips that will make your paper easier to write and produce a paper that is of good quality.

  • Allow enough time to complete your work. You do not want to be stressed out by having to do the entire project in a much shortened time frame.
  • Have a very solid thesis statement.
  • Familiarize yourself with your research options
  • Use index cards to organize ideas, thoughts, and research sources.
  • Make sure your outline is as comprehensive as it can be.
  • Write your rough draft following your outline as closely as possible.
  • Make sure you have proper formatting for the paper and especially for bibliographical entries.
  • After you write your paper, set it aside and read it again when you are not tired or so immersed in the paper.

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