Here are the most common mistakes students make when conducting research and the reasons why they fail their research papers. Read the article not to repeat the same mistakes.

It’s critical to understand that research papers are not a piece of literature that focuses on teaching or explaining a particular subject – it instead uses a clear point of view with a backed thesis that does not generalize. It is not a summary of the “research” that you found. Many students see “research” and think that it is about gathering as much information about a particular subject and regurgitating it on a piece of paper or on a word processor. The main goal of a research paper is gathering information that directly supports your thesis.

The structure of a research paper has a clear focus and a distinct thesis. It needs to express your particular point of view and not simply report the information that was gathered. Even though external ideas can be used to support a thesis or to expand on a particular point, the research paper should be free of outside bias.

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Ways That Students Fail Their Research Paper

Students are having a hard time understanding proper research paper citations

An analysis of research papers written by students at 15 colleges and universities reveal that many students simply do not know what they’re doing when it comes to citations, with many students simply copying pieces of texts from their sources without actually understanding context and quality. For whatever reason, many students are not selecting authoritative sources when they are citing information to back up their assertions.

The study surveyed the research papers of 164 students in their first year of college from a range of institutions in over 12 states. It gathered work from community colleges, 4-year institutions, and private universities. In total, the research analyzed 1832 research citations. It has found that the majority of the citations were the exact copying from sources without appropriate quotations. Some students simply changed citations with minimal alterations, including swapping words with synonyms and paraphrasing their sources with most of the original language still intact.

A lack of finding proper sources and arguments to back up their thesis

Before college, many students have not experienced proper academic writing. Many essays were surface level pieces of literature that focused more on anecdotal experiences.

A research paper uses outside experiences and claims to back up a thesis. It requires a thorough understanding of the unique features of a research paper, an aspect of academic writing that tends to be elusive for many first-year college students. A lack of obtaining proper information will only lead to a poor thesis, resulting in a lackluster research paper. A proper thesis is precise and clear, expressing your main ideas or positions. Many students instead use a thesis to state a known fact, without including specific evidence.

Poor brainstorming and outlining

A proper outline will help identify areas that may need to be backed up by proper citation and sources. It helps streamline the writing process, encouraging writers to include information that is pertinent to their claims, and eliminating information that isn’t aligned with the research paper’s mission. A research paper requires students to be engaged with every process of creating one, this includes brainstorming, outlining, references and excerpts, and an organizational structure that leads to a succinct and convincing thesis.

Students aren’t paying attention to MLAAPAChicago style formatting

For many students, the content takes precedent to formatting. Typically, citations and bibliographies are done last – but for many students who just finished their papers, the importance of citations is lost.

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