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What Is a Thesis?

A thesis is simply a statement in a fiction or non-fiction work, which a writer intends to prove and/or support. In most cases, thesis statements are found at the start of literary pieces. They are of utmost importance since they act as indicators as to the direction a writer will take in their work.


Writers must carefully choose their thesis statements. Choosing this statement is marked by a wise and vigilant selection of words that must never miss their target. Generally, such statements show up in the maiden paragraph or what is known as an introduction. Of great importance to note is the fact that not all thesis statements are verifiable for their exactness. This is despite efforts by writers to prove the statements. However, they manage to develop an argument.


Writing thesis statements should focus on your ideas for the paper – it is your viewpoint or insight or argument that is crystallized into a sentence or even two that give a reader (s) your main idea. 


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A thesis usually identifies two basics

  • What your ideas are, and
  • What your ideas entail

Different types of thesis exist. These are

  • Analytical papers – An analytical paper normally breaks down an idea or issue into it component areas or parts. This kind of paper evaluates the idea or issue and then presents the evaluation and breakdown to the audiences.
  • Argumentative papers – These papers make a claim about a particular topic and then justify the claims with specific evidence. The claim can be an opinion, an evaluation, a policy proposal, an interpretation, or a cause-and-effect statement. The main goal of this paper is to convince the reader that the claim is not only true, but also purely based on the evidence presented.
  • Expository papers – An expository paper explains one or two things to an audience


Writing a Thesis Statement

An excellent thesis statement makes the big difference between a thoughtful and well-articulated research paper and a plain retelling of facts.


A thesis statement does the following:

  • Tells an audience how you interpret the importance of the topic or subject matter under discussion
  • Acts as a road map for your paper – in other words, it tells a reader exactly what to expect from the other part of your paper
  • It directly answers the specific question asked of you
  • It makes a claim which others might dispute
  • It is normally a single sentence somewhere in the maiden paragraph, which presents your argument to an audience. The other parts of your paper gather and organize evidence, which persuades an audience of the logic behind your interpretation.


If the assignment needs you to develop a claim or take a position about a subject, you might need to convey or relay that claim or position in your thesis statement at the beginning of the draft. Anytime you are in doubt, it is prudent to ask your instructor if the paper or assignment needs a thesis statement. When you are asked to compare and contrast, interpret or analyze, to demonstrate cause and effect, it is most likely that you are being requested to not only develop a thesis but to support it persuasively.


Writing a Thesis Paper

A thesis is usually the result of a long or lengthy thinking process. Contrary to what most people think, formulating a thesis should not be the first thing one does after reading an essay assignment. Prior to developing an argument on a topic, one must collect and organize evidence and then look for any possible relationships between the known facts. After this, a writer should think about the importance of the relationships. This process leads to a ‘working thesis’, or a basic idea or a main idea which you think can effectively support the evidence.


To stimulate your thinking and help you comprehend the broader importance of a topic or clarify relationships and arrive at a thesis statement, you are at liberty to utilize all kinds of techniques. How can you know if your thesis is strong? Every thesis writer must have answers to this million-dollar question. To help you know whether your thesis is strong, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Am I answering the question?
  • Has the position I have taken be opposed or challenged by others?
  • Is my thesis statement clear and specific enough?
  • Does my thesis/paper pass the ‘why and how’ test?
  • Does my dissertation support my thesis specifically, clearly and without wandering?
  • Does my thesis successfully pass the ‘so what’ test?

Thesis Writing Tips

Every paper one writes ought to have a main idea, a central message, and a main point. The argument (s) one makes in a paper must reflect the main idea. The sentence, which captures the position of the main idea, is what is referred to as a thesis statement.


When it comes to thesis writing tips, the following questions will be of great help:


How long does your thesis statement need to be? – Your statement must present your paper’s topic as well as opine your position in relation to the topic. It must tell the reader what your paper entails, and guide your writing. Finally, it should keep your argument focused.


Where should you put your thesis statement? – You must provide your thesis early in the essay – precisely in the second paragraph in longer essays and in the introduction in shorter essays. This helps establish your position and offer the reader a sense of direction.


To come up with a successful thesis statement:


  • Avoid placing it late in the paper or at the middle of a paragraph
  • Be as specific and clear as possible – highly avoid vague words
  • Avoid sentence structures such as , ‘The point of my paper is …’ – always indicate the specific point of your paper


Is the thesis statement specific or too general? – Your thesis must be limited to exactly what can be accomplished in a specific number of pages. You should always shape your topic in order to get right to the ‘meat’ of it. A superficial, sprawling, and broad thesis is the complete opposite of a crisp, narrow, and focused thesis.


Is the thesis statement clear? – The thesis statement should be no exception to your paper writing – it ought to be clear as much as possible. Ensure your readers perfectly understand what you mean. For this reason;

  • Avoid vague words
  • Avoid the use of jargons
  • Avoid abstract words


Is the thesis statement original? – You must highly refrain from formula statements and generic arguments. They easily bore the reader. Purpose to constantly revise your thesis until it perfectly reflects your real ideas.

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